Want to make an eBook? It’s simple. We can take your printed book, PDF, Word, rtf, InDesign or other files and convert them into an ebook. We’ll create an ebook format, using the most universally used standard industry format called EPub.
You give us your printed book or digital files and we’ll convert them into an Epub format that you can use to market on today’s most popular ereaders including Kindle, Apple’s iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, Alex, and dozens more!

Priland eBooks conversion solutions include:
  • Quality as We are not just an eBook Conversion company, but are also a known ebook design company.
  • eBooks are created at high industry standards, tested with various ebook validation tools.
  • If the book's source format is large is size, we can provide an FTP account, where files can be uploaded.
  • Special prices for huge amounts of books.