Who We Are?

Pronounced: (prahyland) Our team is made up of people who have many years of experience working in the Web industry & Printing, and have become experts in the areas we specialize in. We're based in Cairo, Egypt, while we've reputable clients from 3 continents and counting. Priland brings a fresh and innovative approach to Printing, Web Development & Marketing since 2010. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding packages, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing client's needs into creative solutions that merge the latest printing innovations with optimum online marketing solutions. Our philosophy is to always learn and evolve, to bring our clients the highest quality work, the best technology in a friendly and professional manner.

How we work?

Our philosophy in Priland is to totally understand what our clients have, as products and services; to give them the proper advices and solutions that fit their business, the campaign objectives, budget & duration, and the targeted customers. We believe in Priland that the success of a marketing campaign hasn't a lonely blend; however each product or idea has key factors and more proper ways to promote. So, in addition of delivering our clients' needs at the most quality, we also offer advices and examples for what could be done more of innovative ideas, what doesn’t necessarily mean a budget leak, but definitely means more success for the campaign, and reaching the targeted customers within the shortest and best roads.